Friday, 29 January 2010

Another family adventure...

Yesterday night was sleepover we all pitched up at the hospice with sleeping bags and camp beds for a family dvd with an absolutely gigantic bar of chocolate (thanks Jo !). We watched 'Bedtime Stories' which was very funny...a great family movie ! It was a late night though - the children all noticing every noise in the place until very late....

This afternoon we had a family bible study on heaven which was magnificent. Jesus has made the way possible, Karena will see him very soon. At the end our bible study, Karena gave a little "yippee" at the prospect of arriving at her final destination. She is full of faith and anticipation.

This last week couple of weeks has taught me a very valuable life lesson....10 days ago we were told that Karena would "probably live 3-10 days". It's day 10 and she's still going. The truth is simply that the God who spoke a word to bring the world into being, is the same God who ordained Karena's birth, and He's the same God who will say the word to call her to her permanent home...and until He does so, she will still be here. I really value the medical staff who have been absolutely brilliant but Karena's life isn't actually in their hands, it's in the hands of her Lord, and He hasn't called "Time" just yet....

Yesterday Karena said she misses stroking Tom (one of our cats)... so tonight he's coming in to see her too !!! Should be fun, or perhaps just chaos !


  1. Well done everyone on being so strong.
    If Tom is well behaved, get him assessed for Pets As Therapy and bring happiness to lots of other people who miss their pets.
    Still thinking about you all every minute of the day. hugs to all.

  2. Love the sleepovers...every memory will be a treasure for you all...Tom included (!)

    You guys rock....

  3. Yeh be crazy Mackays! I love the fact the cat is going in to see Karena! Fab! Loads of love xx

  4. Well done all. Lang mae yer lum reek. Taketh careth. Keep smiling.
    With love Gary

  5. Hey Craig,
    Listening to some old music tonight.... thought of you a lot. lots of love Gary

    Here's the lyrics - i think you will remember this one. LOL

    Bluegirls come in every size
    Some are wise and some otherwise,
    They got pretty blue eyes.
    For an hour a man may change
    For an hour her face looks strange -
    Looks strange, looks strange.

    Marching to the promised land
    Where the honey flows and takes you by the hand,
    Pulls you down on your knees,
    While you're down a pool appears.
    The face in the water looks up,
    And she shakes her head as if to say
    That it's the last time you'll look like today.

    Sail away, away
    Ripples never come back.
    Gone to the other side.
    Sail away, away.

    The face that launched a thousand ships
    Is sinking fast, that happens you know,
    The water gets below.
    Seems not very long ago
    Lovelier she was than any that I know.

    Angels never know it's time
    To close the book and gracefully decline,
    The song has found a tale.
    My, what a jealous fool is she.
    The face in the water looks up
    She shakes her head as if to say
    That the bluegirls have all gone away.

    Sail away, away
    Ripples never come back.
    They've gone to the other side.
    Look into the pool,
    Ripples never come back,
    Dive to the bottom and go to the top
    To see where they have gone
    Oh, they've gone to the other side...

    Sail away, away
    Ripples never come back.
    They've Gone to the other side.
    Look into the pool,
    The ripples never come back, come back,
    Dive to the bottom and go to the top
    To see where they have gone
    They've gone to the other side
    Ripples never come back
    Sail away, away...

  6. Hey Haggis,
    What is the latest? Thinking of you lots.
    How are the kids coping these days? Must be too intense for them - please consider to send all or any of those special people on a holiday to US with Uncle Gary, give you some space too - I will take care of them......LOL G