Monday, 25 January 2010

A family adventure....

Saturday night was movie night...we all stayed at the hospice for a sleepover with sleeping bags and did a family dvd (I forgot the popcorn though!). Thankfully we have now moved back to the family room so there was enough room for us all to stay. The film was complete rubbish - I'm the only person who seemed to think that, although Karena would have agreed I think if she didn't sleep through the whole thing !
The hospice staff are fantastic and brought us all breakfast on Sunday morning.
Karena's condition has definitely worsened and she is considerably weaker. Her painkillers have increased so she is more sleepy and can slur her words some of the time.
On Sunday, she was marginally improved and more compus mentus. Sunday evening was totally spectacular - Karena praying for each of our children in turn, asking God's blessing for them, and speaking into their lives for their future in her final days. For a half hour I almost forgot she was quite so ill - she was like spiritual dynamite (that's my girl !!)
After getting the children home to bed, I returned at the end of the evening and held onto her hand through the night. I intend to escort this woman of God to the gates of glory, as best as I am able.

Deut 31:8 The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged"


  1. We're with you all the way. We are so proud of you all. You are forever in our thoughts and prayers.
    Lots of love to all (M & D) xxxxx

  2. You are wonderful. love Gary xxx

  3. guys are making spiritual history before our very eyes....and it doesnt surprise me that Karena is praying and speaking into her childrens lives..she is and always has been a Godly woman...

    Hold tight to her hand you say...right to the very gates of glory....

  4. Craig - you are just amazing. Karena speaking into people's lives will always be my enduring memory of her at Bracknell - you're right - a spiritual dynamite...and your girl.

  5. What a wonderful family. Karena is spectacular. Keep hold of her hand Craig.
    Love to you all

  6. You have all been in our thoughts and prayers at this time. Please say hello to Karena from us,
    With love
    the Hutch family