Sunday, 1 September 2013

Exchanged !

This is our new house !  <>

Late on Friday we exchanged contracts at last !

We are very pleased and quite relieved that we have found a more permanent home after about two years of trying!
Completion isn't until 18th October which seems like a long way off at the moment....but it leaves us time to do some organising and to get prepared.

Ellie and I have been talking about what we've been learning through this process of being disappointed so many times on houses we'd hoped to's a fairly long list but here's some highlights :-

  • God's plans are not our plans, nor are His ways our ways (Isa 55:8)
  • God's timing is not our timing (we planned to rent for a maximum of 6 months...15 months later!)
  • Sometimes we don't see the path ahead very clearly but in faith we keep moving forward
  • There's not necessarily one 'right' way to go; God is much bigger than that.
  • In all things, seek peace and pursue it (Ps 34:14)...which is Ellie's family motto !
  • Money is simply a tool (Rental costs have been huge!); we need to thank God for this provision that had enabled us to rent a house rather than worrying about the future (Matt 6:27).

Time to go and do some packing !