Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thursday's update...

Karena went back into the hospice yesterday night - more serious tummy pain. Her tumour is clearly advancing quite rapidly. They gave her injections after we arrived and she was peaceful and sleepy when I left her. Unfortunately through the night her condition worsened and she was frequently sick. They're not sure if her bowel has now stopped functioning completely, but she's clearly not in good shape with increased pain and discomfort requiring increased painkillers and anti sickness drugs too. As a consequence, today she has been very sleepy - and aware of conversation around her but hardly able to take part at all. She is also weaker.
The consultant today said that they would continue with the current drugs but would increase the background analgesia and see if her bowel starts up again (it may do apparrently). She's very uncomfortable though. When Karena asked, the consultant said that depending on what happens with her bowel "you may live a few days or you may live a few weeks".....and so the words of the Psalmist resound like a gong in my ears once again.....

"All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be"

Karena is in the hands of her Lord. She is facing death square-on, and is confident in the goodness of God, and that her place in glory is secure through Christ's death for her.

Let's see what tomorrow holds.....appreciating your ongoing prayers.


  1. Still praying for you all.
    Loads of love to everyone.

  2. Oh heart goes out to you...and Karena..what a woman of God she is....

    Sharing your journey through "the valley" with us all has not only spurred us all on to pray but has shown us how to deal with such adversity in the spirit of the Lord.

    Keeping you all in to you

  3. Craig,
    Many love you - you know that - you are a very wonderful and deserving guy, no doubt. I (and many others)are thinking of you guys all the time. Life seems so unfair sometimes. You deserve more time together. I feel for you.
    Meanwhile as events unfold dont forget (I know you wont) the kids now. They should be your focus. You all need time.
    I love You as ever, G

  4. Craig, so many times I come to write and just feel so inadequte to say anything. You have been so real and brave and I have been deeply touched by God as I have walked alongside you, at a distance, knowing that we do share a hope and a future in Christ. We all have our own seasons of pain and longing that words just can't explore. Praying that you will know energy, wisdom and hope and will over flow with love.

  5. Craig,
    I'm not jumping around like a loon today. I do not have the words to say what I would like them to - just know that you are all in my thoughts right now.