Monday, 28 September 2009

Chemo #9

I have been a little remiss in not updating the blog recently....sorry !
Karena has been generally very well for the last couple of weeks - in fact, chemo #8 seemed to hit her less hard than others. The power of prayer I think (thanks!)

Today, Chemo #9 took place - blood counts and kidney function testing all OK but with many delays she started on the drugs late so got home at about 6pm absolutely pooped. She has been in bed since getting home and is pretty spaced out & quite pale.
Today they told her that this will be her last chemo in the current she will have a CT scan in 4 weeks time and then see the consultant in 6 weeks to discuss what the next steps will be.... that includes the possibility of additional chemo's depending on the results. Our hope & prayer is that the CT scan will indicate that there are no traces of cancer and therefore that the chemo's can come to a complete end.
Please make this your prayer too.....and of course for the babe to recover quickly from this chemo without sickness and without getting any infections etc etc.

Once again appreciating you standing with us and of course for your prayers.....
With love.....C,K,E,B,O x x x x

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Chemo #8 update

So chemo went ahead on Monday as planned....this time she has come off the steroids slightly more slowly than previously....whether that has made a difference or whether it's simply the power of prayer, I don't know (I think the latter ! ;-) )- but this chemo has been much better than last one in terms of side effects. She has been very tired and has spent time pooped on the sofa but really hasn't had the horrid feeling requiring her to be bed ridden for any length of time like #7 - so a great result!!
Her joints are really quite achey (as previously) and she has developed a sore throat over the last couple of days so she's knocking back the paracetamol like smarties but that's relatively ok in comparison to where we could be. Today we have been out for lunch with Karena's mum/dad and her aunt visiting from the USA which was great - so some energy has started to return.

So if you've been praying for us and/or standing with us - please keep it up (& thank you!) - because the prayer and support is making a great difference to us (and the meals are all very yummy!!)
Please pray for the babe to get stronger this week, and for her sore throat to go !

One last thing before signing off......if you have a facebook account, please VOTE for our dear friend Naomi in the Vodafone World of Difference campaign....a school in south Sudan will never be the same again if she makes it out there for a year...please tell your friends too - she's a magnificent lady on a magnificent mission....check it out (and please vote for her!)......

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Day #249....

It's now 249 days since this saga began.....and in it so far there has been a mix of emotions.... some sadness, some hope, some tears, some ups, some downs, some energy, some tiredness, some despair, some joy, some expectation.......
but this week's primary emotion has been dread.....dread at the approaching chemo - number #8. 1 more to go after this one. Trouble is that #7 was so hard that the thought of two more is a pretty awful prospect....but needs to be done as we understand it.
So it's the usual plan for tomorrow - blood test at 9am, and assuming all is ok - onto the chemo ward for a 5 hour poison drip-fest. ;-(
Big prayer request this time is that the chemo side effects won't be as bad as last time - which totally wiped Karena out with 3 days in bed (and ongoing tiredness by the truckload)....not to mention the post-op menopausal symptoms which haven't really improved !
I really enjoyed my early morning bike ride yesterday tho, and we had a whole hour at legoland in the afternoon which was just spectacular!

So, all is ready for the off tomorrow - meals are already organised (by others) for the week, and the sunflowers are sitting in a vase on the fireplace ready to work their cheering magic .....

Thanks for praying (we're so grateful to you!).......there IS a God in heaven who reigns.
Hope your week goes well. ;-)