Tuesday, 5 January 2010

4 days later.....

Well 2010 didn't start quite as planned.... I took Karena back into Duchess of Kent due to severe abdo pain on 2nd Jan very early in the morning (3am)....then brought her home again later that day after some injections and rest etc.

Then on the 3rd I had to take her back again about 8pm with the same symptoms +sickness through the night...not good. She came out again today after lots of recovery sleep yesterday (she was absolutely pooped!)

Unfortunately due to the snow, I was somewhat concerned that if she had another night of pain then I might not be able to get her back to the hospice (it's the other side of town), so in the end we elected to take her back to sleep there for tonight....so adventured out into the snow.....

Hopefully we will be able to get back there tomorrow to see her.

It's Olivia's birthday on Thursday so Karena is desperate to be home for that (and to make a cake !) Don't really want to do birthday tea in the hospice if at all possible !

This is such a tough road for her; please pray for courage and strength to take one day at a time, to know God's presence, and for us all to cherish the time that we have together.


  1. Hey Craig...it must be a really bummer that you have not had more time at home but guess the hospice is the best place to manage the pain ...and of course the jolly snow has probably influenced the decision...

    I will be praying as I look out on the snow tomorrow that Karena gets home for Olivias birthday.....

  2. Everyone is behind you guys. Lots of prayers and love coming your way, so I'm sure Karena will make it home for Olivia's special day.
    Love and hugs

  3. All day I have been thinking about how the snow limits movement when you need to get somewhere in a hurry. Praying that you are all in the right place where it is warm and with the right support.

  4. This snow is so stress-making. We pray you know His peace and that Karena gets to make the cake! We also hope Olivia has a lovely birthday and that you all get to enjoy it as fully as possible. Lots of love xx

  5. Happy birthday Olivia and we hope you all had a lovely time together today.
    We have been thinking of you all day and praying for you all too.
    Lots of love from all in Devizes xxxxx