Friday, 1 January 2010

One year on.....

She came out of the hospice yesterday afternoon on a semi-discharged basis. Amazingly they have agreed to keep an extra bed for her so that we can pop back in anytime as needed (a great safety blanket). They don't do this normally as they have 12 beds which are generally all full with people waiting to get in there - Karena seems to have won great favour which is superb and a real answer to prayer - she is very gracious to them all of course and the care she has received from the doctors, nurses and support staff has been outstanding.
So the plan for the next few weeks is that she will be based at home with regular visits from district nurses and macmillan nurses and outpatient appointments at Dutchess of Kent. They think that she should be in generally reasonable health on the current mix of drugs for most, or perhaps all, of January....only God knows the actual timing of it all.
So for New Years Eve we did some family games on the Wii and a glass of wine.....then into bed before midnight !
Tomorrow we have daughter#2 birthday breakfast and cinema trip with friends.....normal life continues !
Aside from that we are planning more cooking lessons and lots of coffee's out ! A romantic few weeks awaits.... ;-)

It was exactly one year ago (New Years Eve) that Karena was diagnosed with cancer. What a year it has been emotionally, practically & medically....! Through it all we have known ..."the Lord is our strength and our shield, our hearts trust in Him, and we are helped..." (Ps 28:7)

2010 here we come....


  1. You both have amazing strength. Enjoy all your precious time together.
    How is the cooking going? Got any tips you can share yet?
    Love and prayers to all.

  2. God is great. It is amazing to see you all remaining full of praise. We are praying for you guys lots. Love, The Ropers xxx

  3. 2010 better watch out.. Team Mackay are on their way....

    Loved the photo of "the babe " on Seans good to see you Karena...