Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Babe update.....

Haven't written much for the last couple of weeks....but no news is good news! Karena continues to make progress - slowly but surely - it's now 3 weeks since her operation. She's still getting some pain from her wound, but aside from trying some hoovering the other day (why would she do that?), she's generally being quite sensible and resting up (at least some of the time) !
She had her check up at the hospital this afternoon - and they are very pleased with her progress.
Plans for the next phase of her treatment are :

  • kidney function test next week,
  • see oncologist on 1st June
  • 1st post-op chemo on 5th June
  • another CT scan (which may be either before or after next chemo).

Things Karena says she's grateful for :-

  • "The breath in my body"
  • "Hope"
  • "Great doctors and fantastic nursing staff"

The road is a long one...still 3-6 chemo's left to go through. Appreciating your prayers once again for the next phase.....