Thursday, 21 January 2010

Quick update....

Not quite sure what to say at the end of today really......we have been awash with tears....
The best part of the day was a bible study with Sean on "death and heaven" which was absolutely outstanding! It gave us hope, confidence for the future, anticipation even.....and turned on the taps all at the same time!

We've had some great cards and letters too which has provoked more tears (in a good way) !
Karena will probably be having a nasal-gastric tube fitted tomorrow to continually drain the contents of her stomach which should help to relieve her sickness symptoms. But it's another confirmation that her body is gradually shutting down. It will do little to improve her gorgeous features but as beauty is internal rather than external, I reckon her beauty is totally unaffected! ;-)
Her sense of humour is still in evidence and my children have now started asking me when I last washed my jeans (how annoying!) - she has trained them well !

When we went in to see Mum tonight we managed to finish off our "100mph dog" book - very amusing ! Any suggestions for another funny family read ? - we need humour right now...answers on a postcard please...!

Tomorrow I have taken the children out of school again and we are going to spend the day with Mum.

Jesus said "I am the resurrection and the life" (John 11:25)

Sleep well. x


  1. So when did you last wash your jeans? ;-) It's so good you can all be together to share this. Thank you as well for the blog so we can share and be part of this journey too. You are indeed a very special family. Loads of love xx

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted on everything Craig, I know it can't be easy after the days you've had. It's great to know what we can pray for.

    I'm sure you're awash with cards etc and I don't want to add to the piles you have to wade through together, but I just wanted to find somewhere to say again what an outstanding family you are. I've seen you both worshipping in church throughout this as though you don't have a care in the world. It's testament to the strength of your faith and your ability to cast all your cares on Him who cares for you. The contact that I had with E in youth shows how she is further testimony of how God is at the centre of your family.

    As a couple just starting out on the crazy journey that is married life, your example is one that we are honoured to be able to follow.

    Love and prayers to you all,

    Becky and Dan

  3. I should have also thanked you for not neglecting my farmville ;)

    'fraid I don't have any book suggestions which is shameful given my english degree. I think Jeremy Strong (who wrote the book you've just read, I think) wrote a book about a hoover that turned evil, now THAT was funny when I was a kid - "Fatbag the demon vacuum cleaner". I think there's also a sequel to the one you've just read.

  4. Jeremy Strong has written lots of books - you can find him here.
    He lives in Bradford on Avon, and you can also get the books signed by him!
    He also has written some beginnings of books for people to write their own endings - that could be fun to do. You can download those. Quite a fun site. Also a daft game on there which I'm useless at!

    Stay strong. You are a brave brave family.
    Love always.

  5. So glad you have taken the wise decision to keep children close over the next few days..every minute will be precious.

    Karenas beauty is you say...still very much in evidence and the way in which you all have lived out the Truth of your salvation and the love of Christ has been a huge encouragement and testimony.

    Books..I love the Horrid Henry stories....they are great on audio as the voices are so fab to listen to.

    Have a great day best as you can....

  6. Hey Bruv and co,
    Clearly we are so lucky to have friends and family like you!. We are all rooting for your eternal happiness - I am sure you will get that one way or another. I have been following events from Hawaii this week (11,650 kms from you) in close contact with Debbie and Mum and your blog for all the latest news - missing you and thinking of you constantly. Take care, all my love Gary

  7. Hello, I've been reading your blog, as Norman and Grace sent details to Barbara, my sister, and thence to me. I just want to say you are all very much in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Please give Karena a special hug from me. I still remember her as the pretty ten year old who was my young bridesmaid at our wedding in 1972. Now you have your own family about the same age.
    On Sunday, Karena and all your family were remembered at our church here in Kimbolton.
    Ian and I send you all our love. Enjoy together the precious time you have left with Karena.

    Margaret Stokes