Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tuesday's update....

Karena came out of the hospice yesteday for some R&R at home. It's been fab having her back. I am Doctor Daddy again for a few days administering the plethora of drugs, patches and injections !
Tonight we have been cooking together (Tanya Ramsay is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine)....tonight it was "Chicken in a Pot" - and it was absolutely stunning.
Earlier today we went out for lunch together and Karena also had her hair trimmed by her dear friend Sarah who came to our house. So now Karena looks even more lovely than she did before !
Karena will need to go back for an appointment with the hospice consultant on Thursday but hopefully will be well enough to come home again afterwards. We have a hospital bed being delivered to our house on Friday (Karena doesn't sleep so well in our double bed now).
The children are all in bed....and we are snuggled up on the sofa watching Pride and Prejudice (I fell asleep on the sofa during the first episode last night - doh !)

Stuff to pray for :-
  • Bowel to keep functioning
  • Pain relief to be kept under control to maximise her time out of the hospice.
  • Some more fun family times
Good night Mr Darcy !


  1. You fell asleep during Pride and Prejudice? Are you mad - missing valuable staring at Mr Darcy time? Mmmm just dreaming of Colin Firth now coming out of the lake....pphhhooooaaarrrrrrrr!
    Sounds like the blood transfusion has perked the lady up a bit, so thats brill.
    Still praying for you all.
    Whats Tanya Ramsey?

  2. So glad Karena is home especially in light of the falling snow outside....
    I dont blame you for sleeping through P and P...boring..sorry to all lovers of Mr Darcy.!

    Keep going with the cooking lessons

    So glad you got out for lunch together..normal stuff is good for the spirit.!!

    Continuing in prayer with you

  3. It's great to hear Karena's back home for a bit and you're getting more family time together. Don't worry about falling asleep during P&P - I'd have done the same :-). Not tried Tana Ramsay's book, but will have to check it out now. To add to your repetoire, try Jamie Oliver and Nigel Slater - good old rustic home cooking, delicious and simple to make.

    Prayers are here too for you all.

  4. Does Karena still call you Mr Darcy? She was 5 years ago!!! Prayers for many more snuggly sofa/tv moments. Lots of love xx