Saturday, 23 January 2010

Marriage time....

Yesterday (Friday) was another emotional one - Karena said some thank you's and goodbye's to special friends and also on the phone to her very dear cousin in Australia whom she loves dearly. Emotionally it was all very exhausting for her but it was a privilege to be a part of it all. We also had some quality time together with the children and finished another book "Killer Cat" in one sitting!
She had the nasal-gastric tube fitted late last night. I cried. It is helping her though, she was not sick last night as a consequence.

A little over a year ago, Karena and I had the privilege of leading "The Marriage Course" at church - one of the key lessons from the course is to have weekly scheduled "Marriage time" to just talk and be together doing something that is enjoyable for just the two of you - to keep the romance alive and communication open.
We have been a bit remiss of late booking in a slot because of circumstances - but had some great marriage time again last night - children in bed at home and Matt staying over, so I could spend the night at the hospice. This time there was no exquisite cuisine, no wine, no movie - just 2 beds pulled together, and the opportunity to hold her hand for the night....when I got up early this morning, I just sat and watched her sleeping - it was all very very special ;-)

Karena is ready to go home now - Jesus is waiting to greet her in just a few days time. She is very peaceful. Jesus has conquered death and the gates of heaven are wide open ....


  1. Karena is so very brave, as are all of you.
    I don't know what else to say, other than I love you all. You are constantly in my thoughts.

  2. Tears spill over as I read your amazing testimony day by day....I am so glad you have had some special time glad you have held on to each glad you are being held in the palm of Gods hand at this time...

    You an individual....Karena as an amazing woman...your family ...are teaching us all something about even more about Jesus....Thank you

  3. Thank you so much Craig for writing this blog, it helps to reduce the distance we are from you. Thank you also for our special time together on New Year's Eve. You are both such special friends although we've seen little of each other in recent years, the memories of those early years together will always be cherished. You were both key to bringing Chas and I together, for which we are truly grateful. Karena has been like a big (spiritual) sister to me and we have shared some really special times together. I can hardly bring myself to write goodbye between the tears that are falling, although I want her pain and discomfort to come to an end. She is going to the be with her Lord and one day we will join her. We love you all, Chas and Bindy xx

  4. Who needs wine and good cuisine when you have love like that? :-)

    I have never been so humbled and inspired than I have these last few weeks following your updates. You are an astounding family and a phenomenal witness for Jesus. God Bless all of you as you face the next few days together. My prayers are with you all.

  5. Our thoughts are with you constantly. With love Gary and Charlie xxx

  6. tears spilling over as I have read all the latest entries ... praying for you all over the next few days... your faith is an inspiration... love to you all. Cat and Nick

  7. Craig, please give Karena a kiss from me and wish her a peaceful yet exciting journey. I will always remember her for her strength and courage, and the chats we would have walking to and from school over the years. I'm glad you have had more cherished moments.