Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas in pictures....

Stockings in bed !
From a friend : "I bought it because it had 7 flowers on it - reminded me of you all"

A favourite Christmas present - Guess who ?!

Craig and Ellie in their new Onesies (I always wanted one!) :-)
Last year's present from me to Ellie was a house sign - a promise of something yet to come....installed on our new house 1 year later to the day - promise fulfilled !!

Feasting !!!
 Merry Christmas from us all !!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas is coming...

Long time no blog.....

The last few weeks seem to have flown's a few highlights ....

  • Ripping the 18" thick ivy off the house (what a job that was!)
  • Finishing painting all the internal replacement doors and stairway banisters
  • A day out at a local Spa a week ago after crazy amounts of DIY
  • Putting up our Christmas tree in our new house (a potted living one)
  • Taking down our Christmas tree due to excessive shedding :-(
  • Putting up fake Christmas tree (no shedding issues!)
  • Putting up outside Christmas lights !
  • Installing new Log burner in front room, which gets its inaugural lighting tonight !
  • Meeting all the neighbours - who are lovely !
  • Bible discussions around the dinner table all around the advent story
  • Decorating our outside cabin to look like Santa's Grotto
  • Crazy amounts of Christmas shopping for family and extended family.
  • Completing drawings for our downstairs extension - will be submitted for planning this week
  • Ordering a huge turkey :-)
Roll on Chrimbo !