Monday, 1 February 2010

Quick update....

Karena continues to deteriorate medically. She is again weaker and sleeping a lot more. Today she has slept most of the day, only waking for her shower and for a half hour or so (until 5pm that is - hopefully this evening she will have some more beans). This is how the doctors are expecting that she will finish her days - just drifting off quietly into increasing sleep until she breathes her last breath....
....on the other side of the coin tho.....
Karena continues to improve spiritually. She is stronger in her faith & confidence, and has increasing expectation of the future as her earthly days draw to an end. After her last breath she will step into the presence of the Lord of Glory and will be transformed for ever.

Last night at about 10pm, we were serenaded (just the two of us) by a great family friend with his guitar - we listened to some and sang along to some - "O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder...Then sings my soul my saviour God to great thou art...." was one classic which we sang together. It was very special, if not somewhat tear laden at times !

Tonight - guess what??? - Yes, it's sleepover time (again).....this time the children are bringing their duvets as the camp beds are apparrently not comfortable enough so they need extra cushioning. Very soon, most of our posessions will be in the hospice !

Stuff I'm grateful for today -
  • My wife who continues to be a source of inspiration to me (I am still finding new things out about her !)
  • Precious family moments
  • The privilege of walking side by side with my wife en route to the gates of glory
  • Friends and family who are by our side
  • The care that Karena has experienced at Duchess of Kent hospice which is exceptional
  • Chocolate
Stuff to pray for -
  • Peace for our entire family and an ongoing sense of being carried by God through the toughest of circumstances
  • Continued expectation to grow in Karena's heart of meeting the Lord face-to-face
  • Karena to continue to be pain-free


  1. Well done Craig and co as ever. You are wonderful. I am sure there is light at the end of the tunnel. All best, Gary and the crew xxx

  2. Thanks for the update Craig. Keep holding Karena's hand.
    Hugs and love to all.
    Always in my thoughts.

  3. Karena has shown great strength throughout this year, its good to hear she hasn't lost that. Craig, you have also shown amazing strength and I bet you have learnt alot about yourself too. Cherish every minute you all have together. Justine

  4. We are so very proud of you all. You are forever in our hearts, our minds and our prayers. Our love for you all is endless.

    To all your friends/helpers who have shown so much kindness, including all those working at the hospice - thank you so much for looking after our loved ones - we very much appreciate your kindness.

    To Karena - Nite nite darling - You have been so brave in accepting your destiny.
    May God bless you and take great care of you.

    Our fondest love to you all. M & D xxxxx

  5. Hi again Craig..what a privilege that you allow us all to be a part of your journey and what a journey it is proving to be.

    The serenading sounds amazing and I guess the tears were inevitable as Karena faces her last few steps.

    May each minute of each day that you and Karena have left be filled with Gods peace and His blessing for you all and the children.

  6. Sending you continued love and ongoing strength during these precious days. Weve been out to buy the 100 mile an hour dog following your recommendation. Still here when you need us xxxx Helen, Jez, James, Charlotte xxxxxx

  7. You're all in my thoughts.
    Love to you all.
    Alex xXx