Friday, 19 July 2013

Plan G

You're not gonna believe this.....

....we've (nearly) bought a house (we think!)

We calculated that this one is in fact the 7th house that we've wanted/offered on....the previous 6 all fell apart for different reasons.

So since last Saturday this is what's happened :-

  • Saw house for first time
  • Offered (a bit low)
  • Offer rejected
  • Offered again (a bit higher)
  • Offer accepted !
  • Saw house for second time with children and 2 trusted friends
  • Conveyancer appointed
  • Searches done (all OK)
  • Survey done (no show-stoppers).
  • Draft of extension plan prepared (by me!)
  • Architect quotes in.

Not bad for 6 days eh ?!

We're trying not to count our chickens tho....this is plan G after all !
It has 5 bedrooms and a downstairs study (ie bedroom 6), which is one of our main criteria so that our delightful teenagers will all have a bedroom.  We plan to extend the downstairs (kitchen is quite small) to give us a bit more living area, and we also think we could extend into the garage in the future for an annexe for the bereavement respite work.  It's in a really good location for us too which is a huge bonus and will make the school run fairly straightforward. And finally, we can afford it ! Hooray!!
The people who own it are happy to sell with no chain....but we will have quite a bit of work to do (it's all a bit 'tired'! - rather like us !!)

So whilst we're not counting the old chickens just yet, it is looking very positive, and we will be very pleased if it does all go through !
If you're a pray-er, please do pray that we will exchange contracts our ideal scenario, we'd be able to move in before the children go back to school....and if we don't get Plan G then I guess we'll move on and look for Plan H....

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I remember

20 years ago today...

I remember the sense of expectation,
I remember walking and praying early morning in the park,
I remember seeing George in hospital in my morning suit,
I remember family and friends gathered together,
I remember you being late :-)
I remember butterflies in my stomach,
I remember your dress, your flowers, your smile,
I remember you saying, "I do",
I remember photographs and laughter,
I remember nerves before my speech,
I remember cutting the cake,
I remember leaving for honeymoon,
I remember sitting on the plane feeling tearful that it was all over,
I remember the beach and honeymoon swims,
I remember the beginning of the journey...

...20 years ago today