Saturday, 10 January 2009

Here goes........

Well here we are....never done this whole blogging lark before but times change....I'm an engineer so it's likely to be factual rather than too touchy here goes.....
An update on Karena for you....current plan is as follows :-
See consultant Weds 14th Jan - biopsy test results should be complete and back by then hopefully.
See oncologist Mon 19th Jan to finalise treatment plan, more blood tests etc
Start chemotherapy approx 2-3 weeks time (ASAP !).
Things I'm so thankful for today :

  • My wife and children
  • Outstanding friends & family
  • People who pray
Things to pray for :

  • Strength & relief for Karena (she's in a lot of pain, can't get comfortable & can't sleep well)
  • Test results to be back so we can get a concrete treatment plan in place next Weds.
  • No further spreading of the cancer.


  1. You finally succumbed!! ;-)

    What I find hard to believe is that within the first day, you have 4 people who follow your blog. Man you are popular. I have been going 6 months and have 1 so far!! What's your secret?

    Love you big man!

  2. Whats happened to my comments?
    There were some by Gazza too but I can't see them any more.

  3. Hey Buddy, thinking of you guys all the time. Can't say that I understand all the medical details but its great to be able to keep up with what's happening. Just remember that God works all things out for HIS Glory, even if we don't understand (which is the most of the time in my case!). The whole wig thing presents all kinds of possiblities - have fun!

    Love you all, Chas, Bindy + tribe.