Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Out of control....out of control....

I was always a fan of the daleks when I was younger.... it was when one of them got zapped by some futuristic weapon and spinning around would cry in a strange electronic voice "out of control".....
this is how life feels right now. Monday's visit to the oncologist only made matters more concerning....having discussed Karena's treatment he said that her cancer was "rapidly growing"....this is not the type of language you want to hear....and the fact that the cancer is in more than one place (2 that we know of) certainly isn't a positive thing. I am realising, slowly but surely, that this is all totally out of my control....and so the tears fall once again as I comtemplate the future....but no matter how much I panic (I've done a fair amount of this), cry (I've done loads of this!) or feel sorry for my wife or for myself , there's only one place where either of us really find any peace......Psalm 46:10 says "be still and know that I am God"....Father, this feels like chaos to me, I'm so glad that you're in control !
Chemo Session #1 is this Friday 23rd.
Tuesday 27th Karena has another CT scan to see what's going on inside.
Things I'm grateful for today:
  • My wife's sense of humour ;-)
  • My wife's stylish new haircut which we will enjoy for about 2 weeks (similar to photo 8 on her blog)
  • Our magnificent GP : Dr Sharp
Stuff to pray for :
  • Chemo Session#1 - that it happens without problems, without sickness, but a significant reduction in the size of the baddies inside (if it can grow quickly, surely it can shrink quickly ?!)
  • Karena's overall health - strength and continued bravery (she is truly amazing !)
  • CT scan - ie. that the doctor's concern of the rapid growth is proved wrong.


  1. Big hugs and love all round.

  2. Hoping it goes well tomorrow. My thoughts are with you all. Lots of love Caroline xxx

  3. Craig,

    Am praying for you all today and that you know God's peace in all this turmoil.

    If you have a moment I believe these will encourage you:

    Stuart W

  4. Been thinking of you both all day & praying.
    Lots of love to you all - M & D xx