Thursday, 29 January 2009

Bad news/Good news....

And so the bad news first....CT Scan results are not final but confirm what the consultant suspected - that the cancer has grown - main ovarian growth is now ~15cm long (was 10cm a month ago), and probably 19cm wide (to be confirmed)....either way it's definitely bigger ;-(

The other piece of bad news was Karena was sick yesterday - we were told that when you come off the steroids (4 days after chemo) that you can come down with a 'bit of a bump' - now we know what they mean - so yesterday was a bit of a write-off !!!....

but onto the good she is feeling significantly better.... and more importantly the CT scan shows no evidence of cancer anywhere else (this really is good news)....specifically lungs, kidney, spleen etc etc (and they have a brand new machine in the Royal Berks which is apparrently only 1 of 8 in the country) - has better scanning functionality and sensitivity etc

We clearly still need a breakthrough though!

Psalm 24 :"The earth is the Lord's and everything in it, the world and all who live in it..."

Things Karena says she's grateful for today :-

  • "Having to only drink water for the scan rather than a pint of barium glupe"
  • "Flowers sent by lovely friends which make me smile everyday"
  • "Feeling so much better and much more alive today!"

Stuff to pray for :

  • Shrinking cancer/chemo starts destroying the cancer cells
  • Karena gains strength/energy
  • Good health (7-10 days after the chemo your immune system is lowest)

She's such a babe.....

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  1. No wonder Karena is in pain. The poor girl.
    Glad K is feeling a bit better and that there is no evidence of the big C anywhere else. Still praying. xxx big hugs xxx