Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The facts as we know 'em......

Summary of visit to hospital today for biopsy results and appointment at clinic :-
  • Karena definitely has a stage 3 cancer diagnosis - apparrently described in latin as a "Serous Adenocarcinoma" (there you go !)
  • Primary site is the ovary (they took the biopsy from the other lump in the 'omentum' but it points to the ovary as the primary site)...I think this is good news.
  • Seeing oncologist next Monday 19th Jan + kidney function test over 4 hours
  • Start chemotherapy on Friday 23rd Jan (at last, a date to start !) ;-)
  • Plan is for 6 sessions of chemo every 3 weeks on a Friday as an outpatient (sit in a chair all day with a drip in your arm, then go home with some steroids feeling a bit woozy)...then operation another 4-6 weeks after last session (ie June-ish)....but it may all change yet (watch this space!)
  • Karena will be receiving 'Carboplatin' & 'Taxol'; the latter makes the hair fall out ;-(
  • The hospital do a great line in wigs and turbans and hats ;-) Personally my vote is for a pink rinse wig ! Karena's vote is for a funky bandana.....I think she get's the casting vote !

Karena is good in heart, strong in faith and looking forward to trying out new hair styles and funky's gonna cost a fortune but I can't think of anything I'd rather spend our money on !....oh, and she's also a babe !

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