Monday, 26 January 2009

Good news/bad news....

The good news is that Karena hasn't been sick after Friday's chemo.....hooray ;-) So if you were praying that one - thanks !
On Saturday, pumped up with steroids and tablets following Friday's chemo, Karena had more energy than Paula Radcliffe - she insisted at 8am on going "into town for a coffee" and some shopping - she really had more energy than she's had for weeks which was surprising but fantastic (until lunchtime when she was pooped again !)
So....with the children away with our very dear friends for the weekend, we had some quiet hours alone and just enjoyed being together (and the coffee !)

Tomorrow (Tuesday 27th) is the next visit to the hospital....Karena goes in for another CT scan (which takes X-ray photos in 3-D through the body)....the last CT scan she had was over a month ago which doc believes could now be out of date as he thinks the cancer has the plan is to get a baseline level now on the cancer so they can see how effective the chemotherapy is; they will then rescan her after 3 sessions and presumably tweek the treatment as they think necessary.
The bad news is that Karena is definitely in increasing pain (they said this could happen once the chemo started tho)

Things I'm grateful for today
  • Time we spent alone at the weekend - just being together felt really precious
  • Our friends who continue to surprise us with their generosity, practical help, prayer and love
  • Dinner brought around to our door tonight !
Prayer points :-
  • CT scan results to be positive - that the cancer hasn't grown or spread.
  • Continued strength for Karena
  • Chemo to now kick-in and start killing off the cancer cells

Thanks so much for reading, for loving and for praying.....

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  1. To all of Craig and Karena's friends. - We would like to say a very big thank you for all your help, comfort and kindness to Karena,Craig and family. It is a great blessing to us,living so far away and is very much appreciated. We trust that with your help and prayers they will go from strength to strength and will overcome their adversity. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
    From Craig's Mum and Dad.xx