Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A change for the worse.....

Well, not sure what to write really.....whenever you think it's bad, it gets worse !

Yesterday Karena had some energy and was on form for at least a few hours in the day, and she slept really well last night. Today however she has had very little energy and has been sleeping for 80%+ of the time. It seems like a sudden drop in energy levels just within a day. It's very tough even though the medics told us this would happen! So whilst the children saw her after school and all evening, she didn't have a lot of beans to be able to interract much with them.

Appreciating your ongoing prayers for seems like another step change for the worse.


  1. I know things are very difficult for you all but you are doing amazingly well. Still praying for you all. Give Karena and the children a big kiss on each of their noses for me.

  2. Tough Craig. With you as ever. Take more time with those wonderful bairns. They are a great treasure and will give you strength going forward. All my love
    G xxx

  3. Our hearts are with you all.
    You are forever in our thoughts and prayers.
    Lots and lots of love to all.
    M & D xxxxx

  4. Still walking this journey through the valley with you and even better is the knowledge that HE is going before you ...

    Praying ...and sending love to you all

  5. Oh Craig, we really understand dear Karena's deterioration, having recently been though this with a member of Jez's family. It is an unimaginable time. You are such a complete star. I cant tell you how much in awe we are of the way you are handling this. Keep strong. With much love to you and lovely Karena and your children. xxxxx

  6. Hi Craig
    I'm sure it doesn't help much to hear that the way you are conducting yourself is inspiring me and so many others. I am praying for you and Karena and your children, that God would hold you so close and be so real and tangible a source of peace and joy.
    God bless you all

  7. I am reminded of the third part of The Lord of the Rings. Each person doing their bit in the journey but all coming together at the end carrying many wounds and memories. They finish with laughter... May the oil of gladness never run dry in Family Mackay. We continue to stand with you. Love you all loads xx