Monday, 9 March 2009

Quick update

So the chemo went ahead today.....after an early start...and lots of delays awaiting blood test results, to see consultant etc !

Karena got home around 5:30pm, totally pooped & looking pale .......but glad to be home !
Family dinner arrived at the door just a few minutes later (how good is that ?!)

This Saturday (14th) Karena will now have a CT scan to assess more precisely the size of things...and the doc's will decide on 24th March whether to go ahead with the operation early or to go for another chemo - this will depend on the CT scan results but also on her blood count-white blood cells and platelets.

Stuff we're grateful for :-

  • Cancer has shrunk
  • Half-way through chemo
  • Prawn sandwiches (!)
Stuff to pray for :-

  • Further shrinking of the tumours
  • No spread of the cancer
  • Continued strength & recovery
  • Lack of sickness
  • Blood count to be ok for next chemo


  1. You have such good friends.

    To all your friends who have helped out - Thank you for all your kindnesses to Craig and family. We very much appreciate all you do.
    From Mum & Dad

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated Craig....we are rooting for you all and sending love and prayers to all of you.....

  3. We are with you all in the journey and praying regularly for you as we travel a similar path. Love Anita and Steve, Brookside Church