Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Half-time results are in....

CT scan results from today..... :-
  • the 2 tumours show a "marked reduction in volume"
  • the maximum diameter of the 2 tumours is now 6cm (was 15cm when this all began).
  • the ovary-uterus is now much more defined (previously it was all splurged together by the ovarian tumour).
  • there has been a "fairly good response to treatment" (fairly good???- they're joking, right ?!?)
  • there is no evidence of cancer in the other organs etc
So the consultants discussed the next stage of the plan for Karena this morning and they want to operate as soon as feasible (when her blood count recovers from last weeks chemo) - most probably mid April. We have an appointment on 1st April to discuss with the consultant, and they will still complete the other half of the chemo (3 sessions) post-op.

So as far as I can tell, it's all good news today ;-)

Stuff we're grateful for :-
  • All the above !
  • Karena is definitely now on the up-slope after last weeks chemo
As for stuff to pray for - well, let's just thank God for answered prayers to date,eh ?!


  1. Fantastic news! Will keep praying for normality in the midst of everything! Keep laughing and rejoicing! Praise God!

  2. Good stuff. Keep up the good work everyone, in the praying department, and every other department for that matter! Hugs all round once again.

  3. Great news guys - we're with you every step of the way. With all our love, Chas & Bindy

  4. Good plan :-) It's so good to hear this news! I am so happy...Thank you God!!!

  5. Good news - no wonder the sun is shining!
    So pleased for you all.
    Keep smiling and keep praying
    Lots of love to all M & D xxxxx

  6. what fantastic news...so pleased and praising God.....