Friday, 6 March 2009

Just another day......

Today has been another roller coaster !

The down side is that when Karena saw the consultant this morning they said that her blood test results were too low (white blood cell count I think) they repeated the test hoping they'd come up overnight but alas they had today's planned chemo #3 is now delayed until Monday. Most frustrating when you psyche yourself up for it....BUT.....

The GOOD NEWS is that the consultant examined her and reckons that the main ovarian tumour has reduced by about two thirds (yes you heard it right! he reckons that it is now about one third of it's original size !!) The other good news is based on her blood test results - that the cancer marker that they measure (which was over 6900 when she started (very high)) now just 120. Medically I have little idea what the numbers really mean but apparently the cancer secretes something into the blood which is what they measure, so the higher the number, the greater the cancer cells) - anyway, the doctors are very pleased about her progress (not as much as us though !!)....So much so, that they have now said that the tumour is now operable and they may elect to operate after she recovers from chemo #3 (maybe a month from now ?), and then finish off the chemo sessions after the operation.

So the day started with a frustrating blow but then a massive high with the good news. What a girl I am married to !

So the pink boxing gloves come off until Monday - and hopefully she will be OK for chemo #3 then ....bring it on !

Stuff we're grateful for today :
  • The wonderful results we've received
  • Friends who are always amazing us with their kindness, generosity and faithfulness in prayer
  • Our Lord who 'never leaves us nor forsakes us.'
Stuff to pray for :-
  • Blood count to increase so chemo can happen on Monday
  • Continued strength & good health
  • Scan (after chemo #3) to confirm doc's assessment and operation to be brought forward

Have a great weekend !


  1. Fantastic news! Hallelujah! I am so pleased but probably not as much as you!! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. So pleased to hear your good news and relieved too.
    God bless you all.
    Lots of love - M & D xxxxx