Wednesday, 25 March 2009

No news is good news....

I haven't written anything for a week.....mostly I guess that's because it's been a 'normal' week.... remember, normal is good, normal is desired, normal is the plan....
We went for a wonderful impromptu family break at the weekend down to the coast (Charmouth) for some fossil hunting and of course to listen to the sound of the waves lapping the seashore....and to talk to the cows that we shared space with (we stayed on a farm !)....we did lots of 'normal' things including skimming stones into the sea, playing catch on the beach, lying down in the sunshine, had cooked breakfast, a fab meal out, played skittles, pool, darts....ahhhh, normality and fun family times.... don't we just love it ?!
Karena has had some ongoing off-and-on tummy pains for the last week but they seem to have gone as of today...very mysterious, and of course there's still a long way to go....the next milestone is the appointment with the consultant on 1st April when I think they will finalise the operation the meantime, we're happy to stick with a normal life.
Stuff we're grateful for today :-
  • Normal (almost) strength has returned - but she's not jumping through hoops just yet !
  • Normal daily routine (walking to school, walking dog, cooking etc)
Stuff to pray for :-
  • Consultant appointment on 1st April - no surprises, only good news, date for operation etc
  • Blood counts to recover quickly (they will be the limiting factor for the op as I understand it)
  • Ongoing good health
Cheers !


  1. Good news, even tho its no news!
    Pleased to hear you had a lovely break with some cows! Charmouth is a great place isn't it - lots of fossils. I bet the kids had fun.
    Love to all.
    I'll keep praying for you.

  2. Praying all goes to the 'normal' plan tomorrow! Have a restful evening. Lots of love xx

  3. Praying for you especially today as you wait to hear the news.