Monday, 16 March 2009

And so another week begins....

So the babe of the moment had her scan on Saturday....apart from being treated somewhat like a pin-cushion when they injected her with the dye they use, it all went went well. So glad that last week is over - after chemo, it seems to totally wipe out the entire week.....Karena was soooooooo tired all week, no energy, some niggling stomach pain, but still strong in heart. Yesterday seeemed to be the start of the recovery as she had some energy at last. We enjoyed the sunshine and a magnnificent sunday roast and seeing Karena's parents.
Today she has ongoing pains in her stomach but of course we don't really know whether that's normal or otherwise....
So I phoned for the CT scan result today - they don't like to give out results over the phone in case it's bad news, and they aren't with you to help you hear it ! Anyway, the results weren't back today and so I need to phone back tomorrow to find out the result of Saturday's scan. My biggest fear is that (whilst the main tumour has clearly reduced in size), the cancer could have spread to another site which would not be good. There seem to be no guarantees medically on how the cancer will behave....
Anyway, my hope is that it's just significantly reduced, and that we are ok to go for an early operation.

So stuff we're grateful for today :
  • The sunshine
  • The garden - Karena's managed some gardening today
  • Friends, family, friends, family.....
Stuff to pray for :-
  • CTscan results to be significant reduction in cancer size and no spread !
  • Stomach pains to go
  • Strength to return

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