Sunday, 27 June 2010

Take off your sandals.....

Am sitting in the garden at the start of a new day reflecting on the events of the last two... The weekend I have been on was entitled "A Different Journey" and intended for young bereaved people who have lost their husband or wife. I arrived on Friday night with zero expectation after sorting out the children, the dog, the cats and the chickens......

There were about 20 or so people all united by one thing-grief. Each person with a different gut-wrenching story of a loved one who had died, some with young children, some with older children, some with none at all - but everyone laden by hurt and pain. Tissues were in ample supply as tears flowed, memories and emotional pain were discussed, unfulfilled dreams were mourned and much much more.
The thing that totally undid me more that anything was answering the question "What lives on in you that you received from your loved one?".....and I relived the days afresh back in 1992 when Karena introduced me to Jesus, and my life was to be forever transformed by Him. She's not here now but Jesus still is, and unmistakeably in the weekend through all the tears, through brokenness, I also had an overwhelming sense of the Comforter's presence and a sense that I was in so many ways '...standing on holy ground.'

Driving home at midnight last night I listened (very loudly) to my latest favourite song, this one is by Third Day - check it out here
So it's off to the sea for a long swim idea why really.....


  1. Lovely to hear how you got on at your weekend away. Love the song too....great words.
    Now ....spelling....write the following out 10 times Take off your SANDALS!
    Love you xx

  2. I didn't get where I am today by making spelling mistakes in the blog headings then changing them after someone points them out to me and pretending that it was all a dream.
    A rolling stone is worth two in the bush.

  3. Hey Craig
    Gald you got home safe. Hope the swim went well. Sure it did!
    Read some of your stuff on here. You are an amazing man of God. And a wonderful dad to your three beautiful children. I look forward to meeting you again soon to continue the chats.
    Martin the rugby loving Welshman