Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Moving on....

The good news is that my Triathlon on Monday was fabulous - the alarm clock spluttered into life at 5.10am - and I got to the registration point in Hampton Court at 6:30am along with another lunatic triathlete friend....

After a long wait for my start, I set off on the swim which was fairly average, then did the bike leg in a really fast time and the run was also pretty good too (for me!) meaning I got over the line with a new PB of 1:09:05, ranked 43/420. Felt great to get a top 50 spot, and felt absolutely magnificent to beat my previous best time over the distances....

At the end, over a bacon butty, my friend said to me that Karena would have wanted us to move on and have some fun as a family. It's fairly cliche I guess but as I thought about it over the following hours I reckon he was, of course, that's what I plan to do - to be purposeful about having some times of fun and laughter together - needless to say a visit to Shakeaways for ridiculously sweet toblerone/creme-egg/curly wurly flavoured milkshakes with flakes on top featured pretty highly on the children's list of things to enjoy ! Of course we will still have lots of tears at different times but.....for tomorrow at least we are off to the seaside for some splashing, sandcastles and of course....Beach Olympics.....

Stuff I'm grateful for today :
  • Shakeaways
  • Half term holiday fun with the children
  • Chicken No.3 has at last started laying eggs ;-)


  1. That is an immense time! Well done! :-)

    Now where did I put that pork pie? I need to surreptitiously get it into your belly if I'm gonna have any chance of beating you on 12 Sept! ;-)

  2. Chickens AND a LandRover? All you need now is an allotment and you could become a Smart!