Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's Day +

What a fabulous day....children brought me a cup of tea in bed so I watched the highlights of yesterday's football whilst supping a brew in bed ! It doesn't get much better ;-)

Then we had church which is always full of life as you get re-focussed afresh on what life is really all about...then church bbq, footy match against the youngsters, and tea with family. Feel pleasantly tired tonight ;-)

So the result of the image poll was quite convincing - of the 33votes cast, over half seem to think that I should stay free of facial hair and wigs. So this week I have grown a beard ;-)

And so to the week ahead....
On Friday I am off to "A Different Journey" weekend organised by "Care For The Family" for those who have been bereaved early in life. Not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not really....but will take my bike just in case I need to get some space!!
This last week I have been more tearful no idea how the weekend thing will be. I guess it can only help...
Unfortunately though (being an airhead like I am)...I have actually double booked myself for Sunday - I have also booked myself into the Bournemouth pier-to-pier sea swim in aid of the British Heart Foundation - just decided to do it for a larf really (is it fun????) I'll be swimming with about 1000 other people for 1.4miles on Sunday whilst being bashed by waves ;-) I can hardly wait !! Children will be watching from the beach at their mad father.
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Training in the lake has been good though so I am as ready as I am likely to be. Bring it on....


  1. Hi bearded air-head,
    Glad the kids looked after you on Fathers day and I hope you enjoy your "A Different Journey" weekend. I didn't get where I am today by cycling and swimming for fun!
    Love you all

  2. Hi Craig sorry to post on here.I have some recipes for you, I was hoping to give them to you at swimming, will you be there next week? would have given them to Charlie but he loses something pretty much everyday at school. Toast