Thursday, 1 July 2010

It's all about the journey....

Two weeks ago I cycled to Windsor Great Park to the place where we scattered Karena's ashes. What struck me when I got there was how high the grass had grown - about a metre - of course time has marched on and, if left unattended, grass tends to do that type of thing. There I prayed and told God that I knew it was time to move on....

Yesterday I fancied a long bike ride so headed back towards Windsor - but this time I didn't stop at the Great Park but stayed on the road and raced all the way into Windsor then back out in a big loop around the route of the Windsor triathlon and then back home. It felt a little strange to stay on the road and not stop as I passed - but Karena isn't there anyway, she is with Jesus in a far more beautiful place and will certainly never be forgotten by everyone who loved her.

I was quite chuffed with the cycling - for the saddo fitness fanatics like me, the stats are : 76km, 2hrs & 33mins, 30kph average speed, 67kph max speed (on the road into Windsor - it's downhill and I was pushing hard !).....I was quite tired at the end of it all ! After 'working' so hard I decided to go out for a lunchtime panini - it had scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, and ketchup in it and was a taste sensation! ....but I cried going there in the car and over lunch too as I keep reliving parts of life's recent journey ;-(

In a few weeks time I'm planning (weather permitting) to cycle around the Isle of Wight with Sean and James - will look forward to that but the boys are going to struggle keeping up with me ;-)

In my bible reading notes today I read (based on Jer 32:17)...."Nothing is too hard for the God who created the heavens and the earth". I'm sure that includes healing a heart which is still very very bruised...
The good news is, tomorrow it's my birthday - 42 !


  1. It's the early bird that catches the quick brown fox Reggie.
    I didn't get where I am today by knowing the difference between kilometres and miles.
    Neither Mrs CJ or I get quite chuffed by cycling around Windsor for hours at a time then eating foreign food, what ever happened to a bacon, egg and sausage sandwich?

  2. I didnt get to where i am today by regurgitating Reggie Perrin quoted endlessly. You cant tell a blog by its silver lining. Happy Birthday Haggis.

  3. Cant believe you are 43 Craig...surely not..!!!

    thanks for your comment on my blog...appreciate it...and have considered it an honour to follow your journey...

    still walking alongside you in spirit and prayer

  4. Ha...just re-read my are only 42..!!! thats why I cant believe you are 43 ..nut that I am..maybe I need specs.!!

  5. Happy Birthday for the 2nd. Can't wait to see you all - not long now! (We loved the swimming photo - such a lovely smile)
    Lots of love to all M & D xxxxx

  6. Happy Birthday birthday boy.
    Nearly as old as me!

  7. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Craaiiiigggg
    Happy Birthday to you