Monday, 24 May 2010

10 things....

......that I'm grateful for today -

1. Jesus, the cross, resurrection, forgiveness, hope, confidence, security (that counts as just one cuz it's all linked!!)
2. In the midst of daily sadness, I also have a daily awareness of the presence of God the Holy Spirit - the Comforter, the Helper, the one who is 'just like Jesus'...
3. Tim the Rookester who's personal friendship is second to none....
4. People who sponsored us for our family swim - I handed in the cash to DOKH today - totalling over £475....thanks !!!!!
5. Sam the dog (no, I never really thought I'd say that !!) - he's my only companion sometimes and strangely I'm finding I actually do like him (when he's not being gross, that is!)
6. The school run - walking around the lake, seeing geese, ducks, fish, trees, and a myriad of colours in creation...
7. My rocket-bike who will be put through her paces in my first Triathlon of the season next looking to beat last years PB over the distances (430m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) but based on this morning's run, it's pretty unlikely ! ;-(
8. Sunshine
9. My first ever cake baking experience today - Delia Smith, eat your heart out...a birthday cake for No3 - a little belated from January (but I did tell her I'd do it one day!)
10. 'The Beast' aka 'Lindy the Landy'- a simply fabulous piece of engineering....which regularly puts a smile on my face ;-)


  1. The cake does look good but the Landrover looks fabulous!

  2. Shame it needs its own oil refinery! ;-)

  3. awesome cake - soooooo want one!!!

  4. Stop talking about the cake - it's a distraction from the real reason of this blog entry, displaying a photo of fording a river in a landrover ....

  5. Think about it - metaphorically - Craig forded a river, summoning the boldness and strength to go out and make a fandabulous cake (even if four months on)! I'm very impressed!! I want a bite! :)

  6. Who took that photo of Lindy?
    The cake looks yummy but also looks like you got a tad bored during the decorating phase!
    I'll expect a piece in the post!

  7. Fab photo of the Landy. Will you be green-laning next? :-)

  8. We're so proud of you Craig.
    The cake is very impressive - couldn't have done better!
    When are you going on a Safari??
    (See you soon.)
    Lots of love 2 all - M & D xxxxx

  9. The car's a beaut Craig, a real gem! And the cake looks delicious - all that chocolate...Mmmmm. You've done yourself proud - on both counts! Godspeed for the triathlon!
    Lots of love to you all - the DS's