Friday, 2 December 2011

The Quibbler !

So, we were volunteered for an article in the Christmas edition of "Woman" magazine...they wanted to interview a new step family heading into their first Christmas together, and Care for the Family Charity suggested us.

Apart from a couple of Rita Skeeter specials, the article reads generally ok....
Seems a bit strange though to be in a magazine as a new step family heading to Christmas - neither of us had ever expected to be here, and we don't really know what we're doing !!


  1. Another magazine I will have to go and buy!
    Did you see Steve and Paula in Woman and Home last month talking about their story?
    All these "famous" people I sort of know - hehehee
    Hope you have a wonderful first Christmas together and create lots of happy memories. xx

  2. I absolutely love the term 'blended family' as put in the article. It's so much warmer than 'step'. You can 'step' into anything, but for it to work and grow, it needs to be worked on and new ideas shared, new motivations explored. Blending indicates you're mixing well and in harmony - gives a warm fuzzy feel to know you're 'blending' as a family. I also love Ellie's tradition of hiding chocolate around the house - I might adopt that idea next year alongside the advents too :-)