Sunday, 18 December 2011

The reason.....

If you haven't seen the Social Networking Christmas (click here !) then you MUST take a look!! Saw it last year and thought it was fab then.....forgot all about it until I saw it afresh this's really very good!!

Jesus rules and reigns, He rose from the grave, He is the saviour, the counsellor, the comforter, He is the rock, the fortress, He is our strength and our song and of course, He is the reason for the season....
Must dash - we have a mountain of presents to wrap !

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  1. That was great - I missed it last year - too much else on my mind. Such a great way to tell the story and I'll have to share it on my FB wall!

    We used Facebook in our nativity too - you can find out how we told the story at our church here