Monday, 21 February 2011

Hi hoooooo.....'s off to work we go...

On Monday I started back at work at Foster Wheeler (where I used to be) - doing 4 days per week 9am-3pm so that I can still take/pick-up from school.
It's half term this week so I will do it all proper next week !

The strangest thing for me is that it's all the same. That might sound obvious - the work is the same, I go for coffee with the same people I used to, I park in the same place, I look out the window at the same horizon, I walk the same corridors, I do the same job on a similar project to last time....yet inside of me, it feels like the whole world has completely changed. It's very strange !
Tuesday was really hard - work piled on - and I realised that where I used to be able to thrive under some pressure, I really can't do that in the same way be totally honest I felt quite panicky !
Today has been better as I've reminded myself of Heb 13:8 - "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever".
At least He doesn't change !

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