Monday, 3 January 2011


I didn't think 2010 was ever going to end.....I don't want to wish my life away (most of the time at least!) but I'm really glad 2010 is over...

New Year celebrations were good, walks, food, auld langs syne, dancing and laughter with friends and ooodles of children....

Some goals for the year (there will be more as we go !)....

  • Be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. (Summarised here)
  • Read Bible-In-A-Year; stick to reading plan (Am on target but it's only day 3 !)
  • Spend more time on my knees
  • Become a better father; more patient, gentle and caring.
  • Play my guitar
  • Get a job

Stuff I'm grateful for today
  • Annus horribilis is finished (but it's effects will be with me for the rest of my days)
  • Friends, friends, friends
  • Christmas is over and decorations are now uninstalled !

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