Monday, 27 December 2010

Aslan, Caspian and Reepicheep

So Boxing Day ended with an impromptu trip to the cinema to see the latest Narnia film, Voyage of The Dawn Treader. Great film !

The closing scene of the film has the main character's at the edge of Aslan's land (paradise) which is characterised as a wall of water next to a beach. Once you enter Aslan's land you cannot leave.

Caspian walks to the edge, puts his hand in the sheer wall of water and returns saying something along the lines of "I've spent too much time wanting what has been taken, and not on what has been given". Caspian wants to enter that land but (somewhat reluctantly) comes back to complete all that Aslan wants him to do.

Reepicheep, the valiant brave warrior on the other hand, throw's his sword away saying, "This is my heart's desire" and runs to the water's edge, jumps into his little boat, then he paddles up the wall of water with a broad smile and clear expectation on his face - and into Aslan's land...never to be seen again in Narnia.

I told the counsellor recently that I felt like I'd walked to the gates of glory....I, like Caspian, had to return; Karena, like Reepicheep, went into Aslan's land....but Aslan (Jesus) was with them both on this tough journey.

I blubbed my way out of the cinema; the parallel's were astounding.
CS Lewis was a genius! I will now re-read the book!

And my favourite Narnia quote about Aslan...."He's not a safe Lion, but He is good"


  1. will need to go see it now Craig....whetted my appetite

  2. A happy and healthy New Year to you all from Devizes. Lots of love - M & D xxxxx