Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A pinch and a punch.....

So, it's the 1st of December...which means Christmas is just around the corner !
Am trying not to think too hard about last year's Christmas - but the snow brings back an awful lot of memories ('awful' being the operative word !).

I went to see Grey Squirrel again today; last session was cancelled - I like to think it's because I'm too much of an emotional challenge, but actually I think she just had a better offer ! More on today's visit to Grey Squirrel on the next blog.....

So, as it's December, we've been out tonight and bought our Christmas tree, so the children have been busy decorating it this evening, accompanied by some very (annoying) cheesey Christmas music :-)
A few weeks ago I had a bit of a panic about the prospect of having to sort out lots of Christmas presents (In all previous years , I've only bought for one person !!), so I decided to start Christmas shopping early!...I then got quite focussed and have now managed to buy all presents, and have even wrapped them all (including stockings) I thought a smug blog was called for...tee hee...all presents wrapped, Christmas tree up, outside lights on (first in the street!), and we even made mince pies tonight (my first time ever !). Am feeling ever so prepared ! I must've forgotten something !

Shhhh - I thought I heard sleigh bells.....


  1. A punch and a kick for being so quick AND a spit in the eye for being so sly!!!
    Now I'm panicking at my lack of Christmas preparation but everso inspired by your bounty of it! Seems like you've done enough for the whole street! Enjoy the rest of December and thinking & praying for you all too. Love the DS's xx

  2. How can you say ANY Christmas music is annoying and cheesy? And you being the Air Products Christmas DJ for several years running..! (Oh how we all sstill miss you...).
    Well done for being so focussed - I need some tips from you!