Thursday, 25 November 2010

Comedy moments....

So the birthday was OK in the end.... after eating gigantic tortillas from "The Mexican" in town - stuffed with meat and beans and sour cream and sauce etc, we came home and watched Harry Hill on dvd with popcorn and chocolate....and laughed a lot ! Was glad when the day was over with tho !!

A couple of months ago No.3 daughter found a piece of plastic in her dinner - it's origin was a jar of pasta sauce (it was a rush meal !!) - so I phoned the company (Mars) - they requested that I send them the piece of plastic and the bar code from the jar - which I did. Their first letter received after a month advised, "I have started to investigate the incident; however it may take some time to complete. You have my assurance....."
I forgot all about it until yesterday's post arrived......another letter following their detailed investigation which reads, "After analysing the sample you returned we have positively identified the material as being a piece of plastic."
I was thinking I might apply for a job in their forensic science department :-)


  1. Excellent!
    Keep smiling!

  2. Good job you sent it to them then or they might never have known what plastic is

  3. Brilliant - you just made me laugh into my coffee!