Thursday, 12 February 2009

Seconds away, Round #2....

There's not been too much to report over the last week - Karena has been really well (compared to how she was just a month ago) - no painkillers, some energy and sleeping well. It's been a wonderful taste of normality.....

Friday she is back at the Royal Berks for Chemo session #2....this time she knows what to expect so is taking the DVD's with her!! She has an appointment with the consultant early and assuming blood count is back up and no other problems then she should be back on the chemo ward for another 5 hour intravenous drug session. Once again her sister will stay with her and be a great companion for the day.....I will be texting like a mad thing all day to keep up with all that's going on....

The big change in the babe as of today is the look -her hair was falling out like nobody's business for the last 3 days so rather than let if go all patchy, she's had it all shaved off ....but she's still a babe ! For the very first time in our married life I now have more hair than my wife ! I have also seen for the very first time the 3 inch scar she got from her horseriding accident back in 1992 - it was always below the hairline before !

3 things I am grateful for today :-
  • My children who continue to run through the whole saga with confidence
  • Doctors who know what they're doing
  • The understanding of my work colleagues and boss
Stuff to pray for :
  • Quick recovery from chemo #2
  • Tumour shrinks further (Karena reckons it's definitely done down, but no idea how much)
  • No sickness (this happened on the Wednesday last time around)
Now for a glass of wine before bedtime......x


  1. All the best for tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you (as usual!)
    Well done Karena for shaving all your hair off; what a positive attitude you have. Fantastic.
    What DVD's are you watching Karena? If they are new out, maybe you could do a write-up on them so as we know whether they are worth watching or not!
    Love to all

  2. Paula from Australia,

    You are in my thoughts alot. Big hugs. xo

  3. Hey there is such an insight to read BOTH your blogs ........... sharing this journey from both perspectives will give huge encouragement to others...who may be going through similiar challlenges.

    Both you and Karena are being very real and open... keep going....I particularly like the way your love and respect for each other comes through. Praying for you both

  4. Hi Craig
    I've just been directed to your blog by a friend. My wife has Ovarian cancer too and is currently going through chemo as well although she's 8 years on from the first disgnosis - it's tough but God has sustained us amazingly during those 8 years!

    Best wishes to both of you