Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow !!

News from the hospital - confirmed test results from CT scan last week - is that the main tumour has grown from 10cm x 8.5cm before Christmas to 15cm x 9cm (less than they thought last week) - so not good that it's grown, but good that it's not as big as they thought!!
....the great news though is the change in Karena.....Saturday was really rubbish (ground down by pain and frustrated with non-activity)...but Sunday was considerably better, and then yesterday and today have been a transformation - the first days since before Christmas that she hasn't had codeine as a painkiller throughout the day (just paracetamol now!) - and she slept well last night without anything extra... In herself Karena is amazingly bright and feeling generally well - she's even cooked dinner tonight (a big hooray for that !!) so not confined to the sofa or bed where she's spent so much time recently....the gynae cancer nurse I spoke to today was really impressed with her progress....... and the children had a fantastic day in the snow as their schools were all shut !

Things I'm grateful for today :
  • A fresh taste of 'normal' family life
  • Internet shopping
  • Snow
Things to pray for :
  • Continued strength for Karena (blood count needs to go up so she can have her next chemo on 13th Feb)
  • Tumour shrinks
  • Continued pain 'free' like the last 2 days
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow !


  1. Some good news in a sense. I'll keep praying for you all.
    Love and big hugs all round.
    What snow?

  2. Great to hear that Karena is up and about. We're keeping in touch through your blog - it causes to me to pray for you each time I check it (which is pretty much daily!). Sorry we're not closer to give you practical help, but we're right there with you and available any time some or all of you want to get away to the hills & snow. Take care, and give our love to Karena & the kids. Chas.

  3. I am so glad Karena has been feeling a little better. With the support of you and the wonderful friends and relatives around her I'm sure she must be greatly comforted.
    Thanks so much for keeping the blog going so I can see how things are without having to disturb you!

  4. We are all with you both. Love Gary xxxxx

  5. Hi,
    Just heard the news...you are all in our prayers daily...
    Look to him who sustains you...
    Keeping in touch through the blog

    Cat and Nick