Friday, 13 February 2009

A ray of sunshine....

Chemo round #2 is over....the day is drawing to a an update on the babe......she got to the hospital with her sister and there were a few mix ups with appointment times etc but eventually got to see the consutant. He was 'surprised' and 'amazed' at how much of an improvement there had been in terms of reduced swelling, pain, and lack of sickness. Karena was chuffed (hooray !)....we were told previously that she probably wouldn't see any noticeable improvement until after at least 2 or 3 sessions of chemo. So the consultant chap was pleasantly encouraging - it feels like the first medical ray of sunshine we've had since the whole saga began. Karena phoned me around 11am to tell me the good news....I cried (just for a change!) At lunchtime I walked around the building in the sunshine and cried some more, and thanked God for answers to prayer, and that he hasn't in any way left us, even tho it's still really hard. I know it's still early days, we're not out of the woods, and there's a long road ahead - but just knowing that the chemo is having a positive effect is wonderful. We got home around 5pm to a house that had been cleaned top-to-bottom by friends who insist on treating us like a King and Queen. We do not deserve such treatment and are quite overwhelmed.
This week, in truth, I've found it difficult to pray and feel 'carried' by God, and by the prayers of so many good friends who continue to lift our family to the throne of grace.

Stuff I'm grateful for today :-
  • Session #2 is over and Karena is much improved
  • Sunshine
  • A clean house
Stuff to pray for :-
  • Tumour to shrink, shrink, shrink
  • Strength, strength, and more strength
  • Karena's mum and dad who carry the emotional burden more than any other
  • Karena says "Pray I don't go off coffee!"

Have a great weekend....we plan to !


  1. Well that made me cry just reading it.
    Good news by the sounds of things. Pray pray.
    What lovely friends you have cleaning your house for you. Do they "do" in the Wiltshire direction?
    Love you all

  2. Been thinking of you all day - so pleased to hear the good news. Have a lovely w/e together. Lots and lots of love to all
    M & D xxxxx