Monday, 9 July 2012

Befriending, Bereavement and Bicycling

Long time, no blog....
Well this is a photo of the new rocket-bike....I've been promising myself a new bike for about 3 years and Ellie finally convinced me to go and buy it (for my birthday!)'s very light which makes up for the fact that I'm a bit lardy :-)

So what's been happening?
Firstly despite multiple attempts at exchanging contracts on our house sale, it's still not happened - every day last week it was "going to happen tomorrow". It's been a comedy of errors really...and continues to be! To be honest I've been up and down in terms of peace in it all but seem to have finally given in and accepted that it'll happen if it happens (probably tomorrow!!) As it is we still haven't agreed a house rental anyway so could be homeless in a month !!

Two weekends ago we went along to the Care for the Family Volunteers day was really good; as a charity they do fabulous work up and down the country with families. On the Sunday I was asked to speak to the Widowed Young Befrienders team which was a huge privilege and very emotional (It wouldn't be the same if I didn't cry when I speak !!). I spoke on being in a storm and Jesus walking to us on the water.

On Saturday just gone I went along to the Widowed Young bereavement weekend. Primarily I went along to see my befriendee who I've been talking to now once a week for the last few months.  Everybody there had a tale of sadness and pain. It's good to able to talk to people about their journey's and maybe provide some comfort in the midst of it...and certainly some understanding of their pain.

Tomorrow would have been my 19th wedding anniversary.

This morning, Ellie read this in her Amy Carmichael book :-

"This morning I was thinking of life as a voyage with no promise of calm seas. Then I came upon this in Psalm 89:9:'When the waves...arise, You still them'. No waves that ever were or shall be can overwhelm us, if only we trust these words."

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