Monday, 7 May 2012

We're a Special Family Day...

So Friday was our long awaited "We're a Special Family Day"...

We started with home made muffins and indoor fireworks :-)
We then had a family present (a board game).
We had Gruffalo plates, a Gruffalo table cloth, sparkly stars and Gruffalo badges!!  I wore my badge to work and displayed it triumphantly throughout the day ! 

After school (and work!), we had takeaway Pizza and a fabulous giant cup-cake (8" high) which was hollowed out and filled with was very cool !!!

Then we spent the evening playing our new board game (one rule - no arguments !!!!)

We've all had so much taken away from us, but we've also all had so much given to us....Friday was a day of laughter and fun for all.

The following day, one of the children said, "I really like being in our family, we do really nice things together".

Stuff we're grateful for today :-
  • Jesus - our refuge, our helper, our comfort, our strength and our song
  • One that We're a special family
  • Pizza and Cake
  • Cups of tea
  • Shared memories
  • Laughter and silliness
  • Our bed (aka sofa!)

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