Friday, 11 May 2012

All change....

So on Wednesday this week everything changed.
On Tuesday evening we vacated the house once again for yet another house viewing....Ellie has become a dab hand at cleaning the house top to bottom (poor lady!) in about 2 hours...she's been doing it every few days for lots of different viewings (but very little interest in buying) Tuesday was just another one (or so we thought!) 
The standard house viewing clear-up requires complete hoovering (you should see the daily dog-hair !!!), kitchen blitz, bathroom cleaning, and hiding stuff under stairs and in the boot of the car (washing, ironing, excessive coats & shoes etc), plus removal of all traces of the pets.... 
Ellie reckons she can do it all in a couple of hours now ! (Thankfully most of the viewings have happened in the daytime so I'm not around to help out much!)
So on Tuesday at 5pm we all piled into the car to vacate the house once again.  When we'd driven about 3 miles away we realised we'd forgotten something very important.....the dog!  We'd been so busy getting everything sorted and everybody into the car at the last minute that we'd actually left him at home alone to greet the prospective purchasers and estate agent.....This was not plan A!

It worked though - we've no idea how he did it but our lovely dog, Sam must have won their hearts because the following day we had an offer on the table from a Swiss couple who are buying it as a second home in the UK because they're over here so much with their work.  They have cash to purchase, no mortgage and no chain (apparrently!) 
Absolutely ideal !!
What a fab dog - we will be making him available for a small fee (a couple of Bonio's should do it) to anybody needing to sell their home....
All we need to do now is to find something to buy.....or to rent.....


  1. you could always buy my house - it's big enough for all of you - lovely location, near the sea, just not the right location for all your needs,
    so maybe I'll have to borrow Sam instead...
    I'm sure God's got a very special house in store for such a special family, just wish he didn't always leave things to the eleventh hour but I guess that's where faith and trust come into the equation.

  2. Congratulations, we prayed every night on hols for you all and now we continue with our prayers for no hold ups. Missed you all, lots off love G and N. xxxxxxx