Saturday, 21 April 2012

Plan B....

So today officially we have had to withdraw from the purchase of the house that we thought was going to be our new family home.

There were 2 significant issues resulting from the of them (roof sagging/strengthening works required) we might have been able to live with, but the other one was insurmountable - an additional layer of bricks on the outside of two walls of the original house for which there was no information available as to why it was built, when it was put up, how the problem was assessed etc etc.
The surveyor advised that it was extremely unusual unless there were issues which were being 'covered up' - in particular structural cracking/subsidence....anyway the current owners were unable to shed any light on the issue so we've elected to reluctantly pull out and go for plan B.  The thought of buying a house which we couldn't sell on in 5 or 10 years makes me very nervous!
The only slight problem is that we don't quite know what plan B is yet !! That said, we're very peaceful that we've made the right decision !

It's OK....Jesus is still on His throne ! So I'm going to watch Reading play at the Madejski stadium this afternoon just to have some fun....looking forward to seeing the victorious promotion boys do their thang (and Kingsley the mascot always makes me smile!!)

Have a blessed weekend x

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