Friday, 9 March 2012

This week's highlights...

Oh what a crazy couple of weeks.....some highlights :-

- Ellie has been looking at new potential houses. 2 possibles that would actually fit us all in. One is quirky. I'm seeing it tomorrow. Ellie says it's fab !

- 'My' house is back on the market. Open house next weekend. Estate Agent phoned tonight to confirm that he's got 12 sets of viewings for the open house so far (gulp!)

- Ellie has become the mould removal queen. Amazing what chemicals and a strong arm can achieve....our current house just isn't designed to have 7 people living in it, 7 people's washing drying etc etc etc. Even the children have noticed the mould eradication and gleaming bathroom suite!

- Oldest daughter had interview for possible 6th form place at local grammar school...seemed to go very well !

- Children all fabulously well, doing lots of activities and very noisy :-)

- Got offered a job at another Engineering Contractor. Turned it down :-)

- Training for Reading Half Marathon and Olympic Park Run going ok (although I can hardly be bothered with it really!)

- Dog has settled down

- New family members (guinea piggies) settling in well

- Our To-Do List is totally out-of-control :-)

- Not cried too much this week !

- Glad February is's always gonna be an emotional roller coaster of a month!

Must's Special Friday evening and it's "Marriage Time". Taking the Beauty out for coffee some place !

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  1. Love your "list" it made me smile - 12 viewing on your house!!! Impressive I've only ever had 2 and my house has been on the market for months - not that I'm jealous - MUCH!!!!

    My highlight of the week was being on TV - you need to catch up with my blog but looking at your list you've probably been too busy!

    Hope you all have a great weekend, sun is shining here, it's going to be another beautiful day. x