Saturday, 17 March 2012


This week's exciting news is that we've bought a house (Subject to Contract of course) !
It's a bit quirky... (rather like us !!)

Put a hopeful offer in on Monday (rejected as expected), and a revised slightly less hopeful offer on Tuesday with the clear understanding that if it wasn't accepted we'd walk away (and we would have done)....we'd seen two other possibles which would both have worked for us.....but what we've ended up with give us lots of rooms and lots of flexibility. Can't quite believe it !!
We took all the children to see it yesterday evening and they were all (understandably) excited. Just hope it all goes through now !

We decided to buy and sell as separate exercises to reduce stress levels so my house is now also back on the market....the good news is that the Estate Agents are doing an open house on it today and they phoned to confirm that they've got 18 different sets of people coming to see it. 18 !!!!!

Who knows....this time next week, maybe we'll have agreed a sale on this one that would be an answer to prayer !


  1. That's not a house, it's an estate! ;-)

  2. Its definately 'ride-on mower' territory.

  3. Southfork! Get yourself a Stetson and some horses! Oh and oil??!!