Monday, 30 January 2012

A walk in the park...

Yesterday evening I went for a stroll with our dog, Sam.…the poor animal had been stuck inside for more than normal in the day as we'd been out to church and also to the cinema in the afternoon to watch Warhorse (quite traumatic but very good !!)….so Sam really needed to stretch his paws (and he get's very excited at the prospect of a walk!)…it was about 7pm, very dark, very cold, and very peaceful outside.  It was a beautiful winter's evening.  

One of my lovely daughters decided at the last minute to come with we walked down towards the park wrapped up warm in coats and scarves.  We talked through some things.  We held hands. 
It was one of those unplanned 'special times' that come when you least expect them.  We did a normal circuit to the park and came home talking all the way.  As we arrived back on the drive there came another big we turned tail (literally for Sam!) and went for another circuit and talked some more.  Sam was very confused!  

Topics of conversation for our walk were (in no particular order!) :-
- Painful memories
- Emotions
- Death, Jesus, resurrection, heaven
- Forgiveneness
- Trust  

Nobody really wants to be in the club that I'm in coaching my children through (just about) the most horrendous journey thinkable...I haven't done it before and am a bit of a rookie!
It is good though (but difficult) to talk about pain and to acknowledge the past; it's also good to talk about those we love who are not with us.  
For Ellie and I, it's a privilege to lead our children through this season of their lives with all of it's complexities, pain and emotional sensitivities.  It's also our delight (but very tiring!) to parent five children together…at different times and in different ways, they all inspire us, provoke us, make us laugh, make us cry, and bring great joy to our hearts.  

Today Ellie will be walking the dog :-)


  1. those unplanned "special times" really are the best - glad you did another circuit - how fortunate you daughter is to have you beside her!
    Hope Ellie enjoyed her walk today too!

  2. Y'know when people say they won't buy a dishwasher because it lessens the opportunities for talking side by side with their kids over the washing up? I guess the lesson here is to get a dog! Thank God for Sam!