Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Father's Song....

Today we have at last exchanged contracts on Ellie's house.....hooray !!
A week ago it looked like it was all going to fall through....and it appeared that nothing short of a miracle would make any difference (it's a long story!)
However, the good news is that we know a Miracle Maker and we really didn't need to worry about it at was all in His hands.

The sale completion date (proposed by Buyer) is 10th February...for people familiar with Ellie's journey, you will recognise that date as being the 12th anniversary of her saddest ever day. So on that day we will have some tears no doubt, and we will also look forward to the next phase of our lives together with our five children...and I think unmistakably in the background we will hear the song of our Father in heaven singing over us.

This Sunday we're going out to dinner to celebrate the house sale and, amongst other things, we will talk about our God who never leaves us nor forsakes us despite whatever life throws at us.

If you listen carefully and open your heart, you'll probably be able to hear him singing over you too.....and if you still don't think you can, then perhaps you will get the idea by clicking here. He really is there you know !

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