Thursday, 10 December 2009

One week on...

Karena has been in now for almost a week and in honesty she is not really any better than when she went in last Saturday. Medically things really aren't looking very good. Her bowel continues to be significantly swollen...they have X rayed her twice since last Sat, and are now planning (re-planning!) to give her a CT scan tomorrow (Fri) to see what is going on...their expectation as far as I understand it is that the cancer is now irritating the bowel hence preventing it from normal functioning.
There is a fairly strong possibility (from what we've been told today) that they will want to do a bowel operation. This is not good (if it happens) because she will then need to recover from major surgery before she can get back onto the chemo.
We REALLY need a breakthrough now....the next few days could be fairly definitive.....
Please pray for her...
  • for strength of heart (this is so hard for a great mum who wants to be home with her children preparing for Christmas).
  • for strength in body - she is definitely weaker, very tired and still in pain
  • for strength of faith (for confidence that God is still with her in her tougest hours)
If you are thinking about visiting, please can you contact me first to check....


  1. Hi Craig....not good news...but all the more fuel for our prayers....I will stop now and just ask God to be with you all....and for each of your requests I will send up my plea !!

    You take care of yourself too......

  2. We are thinking of you all and praying for you.
    We love you all so much.
    L. M & D xxxxx

  3. Thank you Craig for keeping up this blog. We read it all the time and are praying for all of you. It's great to have friends all round the world because we will be praying while you are asleep! God says in Isaiah 41:14, For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, DO NOT FEAR; I WILL HELP YOU.
    Lots of love from your friends across the pond,
    Jennifer (for David and all the other Metcalfs)