Saturday, 12 December 2009

Family weekend.....

Quick update....Karena is out of hospital...just for the weekend. That's something at least !
CT scan is now postponed until Monday - it's been planned then cancelled about 10 times this week so you're never quite sure whether it's going to happen or not! The bowel surgeon came to see her on Friday afternoon and have a prod around. Still don't really know whether they will operate or not, but she is still very swollen and uncomfortable around her tummy so they need to do something !
As I write she is in the kitchen making Christmas decorations with B+O, with food bubbling away on the cooker....
Today has been a mix of family time, tiredness and some tears too.
We're looking forward to doing "Family X Factor" tonight !...then back into hospital at 7pm tomorrow evening.
Prayer points as previously ......


  1. So glad you are getting a wee oasis of family time...

    I read it that Karena was in the kitchen with BO ...and I thought ..Craig...dont say that about the "babe"...LOL

    Praying as asked

  2. Good to hear that some normal things are happening! Who did you want to win?!
    Will pray that they stop postponing the scan! How frustrating! And will keep praying for all the other stuff too! Keep going and God's grace on you all. xx